3-step, simplified skincare routines.

Your skincare routine, made easy! Choose your skin type to view a customized routine. Don't know your skin type? Here's a quick guide:

Combo Skin: If your T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin) is oily, but your cheeks are dry, you have combo skin.

Dry Skin: If your skin is flaky or dry all over, and soaks up moisture easily, you likely have dry skin.

Oily Skin: If you have excess oil all over your face, you probably have oily skin. 

Sensitive Skin:  It's likely you have sensitive skin if you are easily irritated or break out when you use new products.

Combo Skin

3 Step Example Combo Skin Routine

Treat your oily T-zone with a light gel, and separately target dry cheeks with a moisturizing cream.

1. Honey Glow Actives Serum

2. Watermelon + Squalane Gel

3. Sea Silk Radiance Cream

Bonus: Uneven complexion? Give it an extra oomph with skin balancing oils in the Camellia Facial Oil Elixir.

Dry Skin

3 Step Example Dry Skin Routine

Hydrate your skin then lock in moisture with a combo of serum, oil, and thick cream.

1. Honey Glow Actives Serum

2. Camellia Facial Oil Elixir

3. Sea Silk Radiance Cream

Bonus: For days when your skin barrier is extra dry, use a thick layer of Sake Skin Ceramide Cream as an overnight mask.

Oily Skin

3 Step Example Oily Skin Routine

Products formulated with skin-balancing oils that absorb easily.

1. Honey Glow Actives Serum

2. Watermelon + Squalane Gel

3. Any one of our Clay Masks

Bonus: For days when you need extra moisture, try the Sea Silk Radiance Cream. It's formulated without heavy oils.

Sensitive Skin

3 Step Example Sensitive Skin Routine

These products have pared down ingredients lists and fragrance free formulations.

1. Soothe Serum

2. Camellia Japonica 100%

3. Sake Skin Ceramide Cream

Bonus: For days when you need less moisture, try the Green Tea Caffeine Eye Gel as a face cream! It's also fragrance free.