Do you use artificial fragrances?

No, we do not use artificial fragrances in our skincare products. Most of our products are not scented. However, those that are scented contain pure 100% essential oils only. We choose essential oils that have healing benefits to the skin in addition to adding a pleasant aroma.


Do you use artificial colors?

We do not use artificial colors or colorants in our products. All our products are colored naturally by the ingredients already present in the formulation.


Do you use preservatives?

Yes. All Sundays With You products that contain water are formulated with preservatives. Our preservatives are chosen for their safety and effectiveness, and when possible, are derived from natural sources.

Products containing water that are not properly preserved are dangerous for your skin and health. Ingredients that are often associated with preservatives, such as grapefruit oil and Vitamin E (tocopherol) are NOT effective as preservatives. Products containing these as the only preservative should be avoided. Remember, fungus and mold are much more dangerous than preservatives!


Do your products contain parabens or pthalates?

Due to customer demand, we omit paraben and pthatlate containing products from all our formulations.


Are your products cruelty free?

Yes, all of our ingredients are purchased from cruelty free sources and our products are never tested on animals.


Where are your products made?

All our products are handmade and shipped to you from San Francisco, CA.


When should Hyaluronic Acid serums be applied?

Hyaluronic acid is a skin-identical ingredient (a substance naturally occurring in the skin) which excels at pulling up to 1,000 times its weight in water into the skin! To maximize its moisturizing capabilities, our hyaluronic acid serums should be applied immediately after washing your face, while still damp.


How long do your products last?

All of our products are properly preserved and also may include natural shelf-life extending ingredients such as Vitamin E (tocopherol) or Vitamin C. You can expect our products to last at least 12 months. If you believe you’ve received a faulty product, please contact us.




When can I expect my order?

Please see the shipping page for this information, or send an email with your order number and question.


Do you allow refunds?

Unfortunately, Sundays With You is a small handmade business owned and created by one individual. Therefore, returns are not accepted. However, any defective products or products damaged in shipping will be immediately replaced. Please see the returns page and contact me if necessary.


Any other questions? Please contact me!