About Sundays With You

Plant powered.

Sundays With You harnesses science-based Japanese skincare secrets to bring you skincare with antioxidants, probiotics, and skin-restoring vitamins and minerals.

Thanks to our direct to consumer model, we are able make effective but affordable products from sustainable ingredients and local sources.

The fermentation of sake, the hydrating effects of honey, and the oil-balancing effects of Japanese camellia oil are just some of the processes that inspire our products!

Reading a skincare label should give you more answers, not more questions.

Why does one cream cost $7, while another costs $70? Are chemicals bad, and why do some products contain preservatives while some claim to be preservative free? The beauty and skincare industry often make misleading or deceptive claims. They use fear mongering tactics to scare us into choosing their products. With a vast array of choices and conflicting information, it can be confusing to find products that are right for you.

Learn about preservatives, UV protection, and more on our FAQ!

Need help choosing a product? Our 3 step, simplified skincare routines make it easy to build your daily routine.

At Sundays With You, transparency is key.

Skincare that makes you look good, but most importantly also makes you feel good. We are firmly against the fear-mongering used by many in the skincare industry about "natural" ingredients, which often lead to dangerous or poorly preserved formulations. We don't make bogus claims about anti-aging, UV protection, or what it means to be "natural." We sell premium products directly to you, so you can get them at a fraction of the cost.

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Hi, I'm Mariko.

I'm the founder and creator of Sundays With You. I make small batch, handmade skincare in San Francisco. My skincare journey started with my dry, UV-damaged, and retinol-parched skin. I loved the science based principles and pared down ingredients lists of Japanese skincare, but I also wanted natural, plant-powered ingredients inspired by California, where I grew up.

When I couldn't find a line of skincare that combined these concepts, I decided to start my own. I spent months researching the scientific principles of anti-aging. I pored over scientific studies about the effectiveness of different ingredients, and how they affected the skin. I learned which ingredients to combine to produce synergistic effects. That's how Sundays With You was born!

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