Hi! I'm Mariko, founder of Sundays Out.

My favorite garment is a maxi dress and my favorite shoes are Scarpa Vapor Vs with Vibram XS Grip 2 soles. I like to get dirty, summit mountains, climb rocks, and sleep in the woods— but always struggled with my skin in the outdoors. Gatekeepers of outdoor culture always told me to suck it up, and if I couldn’t deal, the outdoors wasn’t for me. 

We need to talk about the awkward moments.

I wanted to know how to not get painful acne from dirt/sunscreen buildup. I needed to moisturize my irritated skin and eczema. I had no idea how to clean my hands sufficiently to deal with menstruating on camping trips. I was told I was complaining, or that I was being too soft and sensitive. So for a long time, I compromised by avoiding long outdoor stays or just being uncomfortable while I was there.

The softer side of outside.

When I discovered climbing, I also discovered an amazing community of womxn and allies. I realized that there’s a softer side to the outdoors. With their support I’ve become stronger and more courageous than ever before. It has been a transformational process that helped me renegotiate the boundaries of what I thought I was capable of. I’ve felt joy and experienced adventures I never thought possible.

Sundays Out

I created Sundays Out as a safe space to discuss some of the challenges our bodies face in the outdoors. And as someone passionate about formulating quality skincare, I've brought the ethics of natural, sustainable skincare into products that can be used outdoors.

Think about the send— not your skin.

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Every purchase supports Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Climbing and outdoor culture has historically excluded womxn, LGBTQI+ folx, and people of color. 10% of the profits of every Sundays Out product is contributed toward Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives. Skincare won’t solve the entrenched problems of racism and institutional oppression we face, but for me it was a small piece of the puzzle for making the outside accessible. I hope it can help others, too! 

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Our logo

The Sundays Out logo depicts the beauty of Northern California redwoods when they are shrounded in fog, while celebrating diversity with a rainbow of colors. We offer handmade skincare that's ethically sourced and made in San Francisco, the ancestral grounds of the Ohlone and Ramaytush peoples.